Established on 05/12/1990, "Prima" cooperation was registered with the Resolution № 1615 of Targovishte District Court on 28.12.1990, the managed rented "Factory Soft Drinks and Mineral Water" in Targovishte, built in 1981 by the Central Cooperative Union - Sofia.

01.01.1991g. Begins production activities. "Prima" TPK continues a tradition - the production of soft drinks and mineral water, launched in 1972 by FSDMW / Factory Soft Drinks and Mineral Water /. Produced traditional Bulgarian drink and drink of world famous companies "Pepsi-Cola" and "Schweppes".

1992 'Prima' cooperation entered into partnership with the companies "Clarina Bulgaria", Sofia and CCU. "Clarina Bulgaria" is the official bottling representative of "Coca Cola" in Bulgaria and is included in the Greek group "Leventis." This creates a "Targovishte Bottling Company" Ltd. to 2002

1993. It was built bottling of natural mineral water and producing the trademark "Targovishte" to 2001 Water is from a spring "Boaza" probed in 1957 near the village of Prolaz and delivered to the workshop through stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 110 cm and a length of 9100 m in this stage bottling plant area 1150 sq m was converted into a trade complex "Prima".

1995. Purchased is taken for management cooperation property of CCU-Sofia.
At present, the property is divided into two separate properties.
Land with ID № 73626.510.406 cadastral map of Targovishte area 19001 square meters and status - food processing and storage facilities.
Land with ID № 73626.510.407 cadastral map of Targovishte area 7,900 m2 and status of trade and auto services.

2002 'Prima' cooperative comes from the association "Targovishte Bottling Company" and began a solo activity.

2003 purchased retail area of
​​250 sq.m. in Varna,  "Varnenchik" avenue.

, 2004. Bought two apartments in Varna, district Varna.

2012. Built in a commercial manner and commissioned five apartments in the town of Targovishte, "Georgi Sarzhev" street.

The story continues in 2013 ............................................